Do You Hug and Kiss Your Friends? (What About Arm Tickles?)

Issa and Molly

On this rainy Wednesday, I’d love to ask a question I’ve been curious about: Do you kiss or hug your friends? Or are you happy to not be so touchy? I probably land on one extreme…

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what baking recipes do you like: “The recipe I’ve loved is Hetty’s olive oil cake that you posted. My mother was seriously ill, and we were going through a very uncertain, stressful time. I needed to do something that required one simple step after another to rest my mind. Baking that cake, especially rubbing the orange rind into the sugar, was the most beautiful, life-affirming and calming act. I smiled into it, cried a little but felt such pleasure. I took the cake on the drive to my parents’ place, and my brother and I devoured it during the trip. It’s a wonderful cake for sharing, and now making it brings me complete calm and joy.”

Have a good one. xoxo

(Photo by Sarah Jampel.)