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Review: ive recommended iron daddy to all my friends, i like the customer support, when my gear was late they were in touch with me and responded to my mails with in a few hours.
Review: Pretty happy. Gear is good and source is responsive.
Review: They have become really slow in delivering orders the last couple of months! They don't give you a straight answer as to when your items will be shipped after being 3-4 weeks behind on shipping. Horrible business!!!
Review: I feel ZPHC deaercesy a proper ovation. Their customer support, delivery, and execution of their products makes them a cut above all the rest. Hats off to these guys!!
Review: There was a time they where good, so I placed an order. He took my money and never sent nothing. I dont know what caused Them to go down that road.

"Dont buy anything from them unless you want to get SCAMMED"
Review: Best source I ever dealt with we ship my package after customs grabbed it and sent a letter that it's confiscated highly recommended
Review: I am very satisfied with the shop. I have received my order quickly and the products work.
These were all originally packed and the Code was valid.
The prices are normal, but those who leave a feedback will receive 8% discount on the next order in the shop

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