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Strange Aircraft Stuns Onlookers After Leaving Weird Vapour Trail

Mystery vapour trails 1Twitter Drivers in Wales were left confused after a strange aircraft was seen circling the skies over a motorway leaving odd trails of vapour. The weird streams of clouds were pictured by motorists driving along the A55 at Rhuallt near St Asaph this morning. Meanwhile a similar unidentified aircraft, which may have

Bieber Sued For $100K For Being An Utter W*nker

It feels like Justin Bieber is eternally trying to reinvent himself as some sort of bad boy following his incredibly cringey former years as the baby faced heart-throb for pre-pubescent girls all over the globe. But even by his standards this is utter cuntery. Following a huge show last month, the perpetual wanker that is

Family Guy Has Managed To P*ss Off A Lot OF Trump Supporters

Family Guy’s no stranger to ripping into politicians but they’ve managed to piss off a lot of Republican supporters with their latest stunt. In a bid to get an Emmy nomination, the cartoon’s creators have posted a cheeky image of the buffoonish Peter Griffin looking oddly similar to a certain perma-tanned, bewigged and presumptive Republican

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