Linky Thursday

I love (the idea of) keeping organized. Fabric bins are my favorite way to store loose items so they’re out of sight, but easy to find. Plus these bins are pretty fun to make, too.

Jar openers are a staple in my kitchen although I never thought to make one until I saw this tutorial.

It’s still in the 90’s here, so I’m still in the mood for summer… like this adorable Hawaiian shirt quilt.

The second Malificent movie comes out soon and if you have someone wanting to dress up like her for Halloween, you’ll definitely want to check out this Glowing Staff tutorial.

Enter to win tickets to the Fall Mod Bee – an online quilting convention. There’s lots of cute project to be made!

Don’t dress up for Halloween? How about wearing a fun apron instead. This version is so adorable!

Sewing ruffles can be frustrating. Learn how to make them like a pro and add them to your next garment.

If you walk into my house, it’s quite evident that I love pillows. These plump tufted pillows are no exception (and it helps they’re made with cuddle fabric).

If the nights are getting cooler where you are, chances are you need something to cozy up with on the couch. Check out this tutorial for a fleece blanket with binding and this easy cheater quilt.

You won’t have to worry about tangled cords with this tech cord and accessory roll up pouch.

A Diversion

A week or so ago, a longtime friend had asked (on social media) if anyone knew of someone who recovered chairs\cushions. I decided to volunteer my services – they looked easy enough and would be a nice diversion from other projects I have going on (except for making covers for my barstools, that’s about the same, I suppose).

Last week, she sent me her very worn covers, fabric, and zippers so today I’m getting ready to make myself a pattern. Unfortunately, these aren’t perfectly symmetrical, but I think I can trace off the cover easily enough.

Fabrics In

When I can’t sew as frequently as what I like, I must “daydream” about projects because I find myself surfing fabric sites. My latest purchase was one of those times because look what fell into my cart:

I was actually just looking at aglets (because I have a feeling I’m going to be making a lot of hoodies this fall), but these bundles were calling my name. I caught them while they were 40% off, too… so I definitely couldn’t resist! Plus, I spent enough that I got their new Vegas Shirt pattern for free.

From left to right: Stripe brushed single knit, magazine print double brushed poly, gray double brushed single knit, mint “Margot” double brushed poly, lilac double brushed poly, and a coordinating camo print.

I had no intention of buying so much double brushed poly, but they honestly have some of the best prints. Now, to figure out what I’m making with all of this (ideas welcome)!


We had an event packed weekend, but I made sure to squeeze in a bit of sewing time so that I could finish my Simone shorts. I’m so glad that I did too, because they are very cute (even though all the details are lost in the photo… I blame the print) and super comfortable. As a bonus, the temperatures are going to be in the 90s this week, so I’ll have an opportunity to wear them before fall weather cools things down.

As for the pattern, I thought that it was really easy to put together. The directions and illustrations are clear and the pieces lined up nicely. My only complaint is that my fabric choice – I’m finding that the material droops some at the pockets… next time I think I’ll either select a material that has a bit more body or add a bit more interfacing at the pocket edges to crisp it up some.

Now that the shorts are finished, I really think I need a Michelle tank to wear with it – so expect a coordinating top sometime this week…. and maybe a pair of the Simone pants for when it gets cooler.


I would love to say that I’ve been accomplished in the sewing department, but sadly I haven’t. I did tackle doing a bit more unboxing (I filled our new entertainment center shelves with books, pictures, knickknacks) and started cutting out a pattern.

I’ve been wanting to make Jalie’s Simone since it’s release and with cooler temperatures on the horizon, I figured I had better hurry and make the shorts version before it gets too cold to wear it. If all goes well, I’ll have enough time to make a coordinating Michelle tank (I love the idea that it looks like a romper, but is really a two piece – so much easier to go to the bathroom in) before I tackle writing an article and drafting a few patterns.

Linky Thursday

With school in full gear, that only means fall sports aren’t far behind. get comfortable at your next even and make your own stadium seats (with pockets too!).

This (mini) Orange Peel quilt only looks complicated, but it’s really geared toward beginners (plus no hand sewing). This Swiss Cross quilt is also beautiful and looks just as easy to sew.

Check out George & Ginger’s new YouTube video for a code to use for their new Gee Shirt pattern.

This cell phone wallet keeps your essentials handy, but lets you go hands free thanks to the cross body strap.

Channel your inner Little Orphan Annie by making a Hard Knock Life bucket (then fill it with cleaning supplies).

It’s football season! Show your support with a fun, game day dress.

Get your pet cozy for the night with this snuggly pet bed.

Ever wanted to sew with cork, but didn’t want to pay the expense to try it out? Now you can enter win a yard and try it for yourself!

Changing It Up

I’m horrible at sticking to color changes in embroidery designs (most of the time the design is what I’m after, but the threads don’t match the material\theme I’m working on). In order to make sure that my final look is what I’m after, I wind up stitching out the embroidery more than once A lot of the time I’m pretty good at figuring out what blends together the way I want, but sometimes I’m way off. Take the photo on the right, for example. There are a lot of colors involved and some of them just don’t work out… so much so that I’ve taken notes so I know what I want to do the next time around. Looks like I’ll be testing this one again before I settle on threads for the final version.

All The Henriksdals

Stick a fork in me, I’m done! Finally, all 6 Henriksdal chair covers are complete! (If you missed my previous posts, you can read a bit more about it\my process here, here, and here).

I won’t lie, this took a lot longer than what I had originally anticipated, but the extra effort is totally worth it because I am in love with these chairs! I still have 2 bar stools to tackle, but I think I’ll take a brief break and work on something different before I wrap my head around making another pattern. In the mean time, I have ordered more Velcro from Wawak (the soft side only, thanks for the tip, Kathy!) and am plotting what to make for some holiday versions of these chairs!

Linky Thursday

Looking for a new bag to make this weekend? Be sure to check out the Lauren.

Summer’s not over yet! Make yourself this easy linen top and stay cool in the heat.

A new school year can mean new devices. Personalize yours with a new, padded tablet sleeve.

Personalize your space with this free hand-stitched, embroidery hoop decor project.

This pretty dress is perfect for a back to school look and fits a huge range of sizes too (4-16 years).

Tiny things are always cuter – like this tiny bag tutorial.

We have moved to a football crazed city (admittedly we didn’t have much football going for us in Kansas except the Chiefs in recent years)! I may have to look into making this football table runner for the season (this tutorial comes with cut files so you can use it for shirts too!).

I never remember to take my coupons with me to the store. Maybe this organizer might help me remember.

Have a Potterhead in your family? Looking to accessorize your cosplay outfit? Just gearing up for Halloweeen? Either way learn how to make your own wand here.

It’s not to late to whip up those last minute school supplies! This vinyl pencil pouch is perfect for seeing what’s inside – and would be great for the sewing room too. Looking for a project that can be thrown into a tote, instead? Try this see-through purse pouch.

This lightweight robe is perfect for chilly mornings and can be made without a pattern, too.

Enter to win a Hatch Embroidery Organizer.